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Vladimir's Adventures was born from the need to look for the most interesting, educational and at the same time quality toys for my son Vladimir. And why shouldn't other children enjoy them too? So we created this place of adventures, where we provide you with a wide range of sustainable toys, colored with non-toxic paint, educational and awarded in various specialty competitions. We are from Cluj-Napoca, and the toys carefully chosen for you are brought from various corners of the world.

We try to give you as much information as possible about the toys so that you have the best possible experience and according to your expectations. And if you are buying a gift for a child and you don't really know what to choose, we come to your aid with our experience as parents and we can choose the most suitable gift together.

In Cluj-Napoca we do not have a fixed operating schedule, if Vladimir allows us, we can deliver the toys even on weekends or you can pick them up directly from us. 

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