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  • ISARA Preschooler is a compact carrier that can be adjusted both for a 9 month old baby and for a 8 years old preschooler, without any adaptors or transformers.

    The adjustments are intuitive, and the result is an ergonomic position, no matter the age, from 9 months old until 8 years old.

    Enjoy babywearing from big to biggest with ISARA Preschooler! Your baby will do it for sure!

    Babywearing in this pristine carrier feels like the coolness and purity of water has woven into the deep calmness of the earth to create the perfect embrace for you and your child! ISARA Preschooler Bluestone instantly connects you to Mother Nature with its cool blue color with shimmers of earthy gray that bring harmony, rootedness and stability.

    Marsupiu ISARA Preschooler Bluestone

    Cod SKU: ISR-P-Bluestone
    • Produs

      Marsupiu Ergonomic Ajustabil


      Marime Toddler - Preschooler

      Marime Copil

      Min. 80 Cm - Max. 128 Cm

      Latimea Sezutului

      Min. 24 Cm - Max. 58 Cm

      Inaltimea Panoului Dorsal

      Min. 38 Cm - Max. 55 Cm

      Compozitie Material

      100% Bumbac Organic






      Albastru Inchis

      Stil Personal

      Business Casual